ioi is a New-York based, globally-immersed strategic design consultancy designing social impact starting with education. 

In our work, we leverage education, technology, and human-centered design to create efficient, effective, and tailored projects.

Our projects stem from the needs of the people concerned, departing from co-creation processes, infusing expert perspectives, and incorporating seamless ways to build skills for the targeted people in order to create sustainable links for long-term self-sufficiency. 

We Ideate.

We identify a problem.

We brainstorm with whoever is most affected. 

We unveil key areas of intervention.

We Orchestrate.

We synthesize diverse ideas to form user-centric solutions.

We collaborate with different organizations to better achieve collective goals.

We create efficient, innovative, and multidimensional strategies.

We Integrate.

We design tailored projects to maximize their impact.

We implement them strategically with a long-term outlook. 

We put the big picture together.

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