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We are an immersive strategic design and development consulting agency that fuses bottom-up perspectives with the creation of collaborative networks to build tailored strategies, projects, and solutions for maximum impact.

We design solutions for the people, with the people.

We work at the grassroots, local, and systemic levels. 

Our projects stem from the needs of the people and communities concerned. They originate from co-creation processes, infuse cross-sector expert perspectives, and are anchored in the wider systemic context.

We work in networks.

We build teams based on the expertise needs of each project and align different mission-oriented experts into solution-building networks.

We Ideate.

We identify a problem. 

We immerse ourselves deep in the context. 

We brainstorm with whoever is most affected.

We unveil key areas of intervention.

We Orchestrate.

We build project-based networks to tackle a problem.

We synthesize diverse ideas to form user-centric solutions.

We create efficient, innovative, and multidimensional strategies.

We build multi-stakeholder networks as solutions. 

We Integrate.

We work with local community partners. 

We implement streamlined projects with clearly-defined outcomes.

We devise actionable roadmaps with a long-term outlook.

We design localized solutions informed by “big picture” systemic strategies.
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