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We design

social impact.

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We build impactful social projects, strategies, and solutions by fusing systems thinking and human-centered design. 

What We Do

We Ideate

We Orchestrate

We Integrate

How We Do It


We adopt a bottom-up, human-centric approach to get to the heart of social issues. We study the wider systemic context and the dynamics between different forces.


We harness the power of collective action by connecting public, private, and civil society organizations for better coordination and maximum efficiency.


We design precise, localized interventions to produce large scale, socio-economic impact.

Select Projects

Farms Not Arms


Challenge: How might we design a solution for food security, climate change, and the refugee crisis by bringing different multi-stakeholder experts together?

200529_FNA_Vision Prize Final Submission

Solution: A multi-agricultural farm combining regenerative agriculture with low-tech hydroponics to produce 3 times more food in any given space while sequestering carbon to reverse climate change. 

Learning Blocks

Challenge: How might we design an education certification system for underserved communities enrolled in non-formal and alternative education?

Screen Shot 2021-05-31 at 12.41.22

Solution: A skills-based education certification system using blockchain technology to create permanent, personalized certificates that showcase each learner's individual skills that they acquired through education.  

Visit Learning Blocks project

(certification system use upon request)

Our Services

We work as partners or consultants across 4 main areas:

Design Thinking

We uncover the problems people are facing using a human-centric approach grounded in empathy. 

Systems Thinking

We analyze the wider systemic context and map out linkages between stakeholders.


We synthesize the insights reached into a cohesive strategy and a roadmap that guarantees success.


We rapidly prototype solutions and build pilots to validate and refine them into viable, long-term projects.

Learn more about our services here.

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