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We help organizations, governments, and networks develop projects and solutions that further their goals and create positive impact for the planet.

We carry out the deep thinking for organizations and governments and identify the most prominent areas of interventions to solve the problem area they are targeting.


We mix elements of human-centered design and systems thinking with traditional research to address pressing problems and come up with the strategic foresight to solve them. 


We launch our own ventures as well as consult others on how to devise holistic, impactful projects. 


We provide integrated design services to first thoroughly understand the problem you seek to solve and from that craft effective, long-term solutions and strategies.


At the heart of it, we offer general consulting and strategic advisory services on how to innovate and create new projects, products, and processes.


We work as partners or consultants to co-create innovative, social impact in a fluid and dynamic process across 4 areas: 

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Human-Centered Design

We zoom in and understand what communities and customers want.

We engage communities to better understand their needs, wants, and problems.

We conduct immersive participatory design research,

host design-thinking workshops, sprints and creative facilitation to engage end-users in a co-creation process.

We also offer “expert roundtable” sprints where we source and include diverse experts related to your project to come up with holistic, multidimensional solutions.

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Systems Thinking

We zoom out and adopt an ecosystem perspective to analyze the wider dynamics.


We map out different stakeholders and the varying relations between them.  

We analyze and generate insights around systems dynamics and the different factors, forces, limitations, and influences. We look at the big picture.

We unveil key areas of opportunities, and establish connections for potential partnerships. We identify critical links on a larger socioeconomic scale to maximize impact of smaller-scale projects.

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We develop cohesive solutions and recommendations that map the way forward.

We synthesize our key findings into a defined project and cohesive strategy that includes different components to be prototyped and tested.

We identify gaps and how to target them, conduct feasibility studies, and offer you a roadmap on how to get there.

We bundle it up in strategic reports.


We design the path forward.

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We build pilots to test solutions and refine long-term implementation.


We bring different stakeholders together and

facilitate network building to deliver effective solutions.


We work within the local ecosystem and

use local resources to create projects.


We launch clearly-defined projects to test and implement solutions. We iterate according to pilot findings and refine strategies for long-term implementation.

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