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We help you identify the problem area you want to solve. We do an initial ideation session with you and complement it with different techniques to get to the heart of what you want to do. 

User research

We go out into the field for you. We spend time with the end-users, we put ourselves in their shoes, and thoroughly understand the problem your project is trying to solve so that we can create the most effective solutions for you.

System mapping

We thoroughly identify all stakeholders involved and interact with them to assess the landscape you want to work in, unveil key areas of opportunities, and establish connections for potential partnerships.

Design Sprint

We create a design sprint for you with whoever you want to bring to the table and put our heads together. We specialize in user design sprints where we work with your end-users to ideate and engage them in a co-creation process. We also offer “expert roundtable” sprints where we engage diverse experts related to your project to come up with holistic, multidimensional solutions. 

Concept Development

We synthesize our key findings into a concept and strategy for your project moving forward that includes different components to be prototyped and tested. 

Project Development

The whole deal. We take on your project from beginning to end. 

We combine all of our services to work with you on developing a cohesive pilot project to implement.  We offer complimentary general consultations to determine which combinations of our services you need. 

Innovation Consulting

At the heart of it, we offer general consulting and strategic

advisory services on how to innovate and create new projects, products, and processes. 

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